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Aero (SS Skin Suit)

    Designed with competitive cyclists in mind, the AERO is constructed with a aero-dynamic next-to-the-body fit to help you cut drag while providing a comfortable functional fit.

    • Optional standard or Upgraded performance fabric packages.
    • Full-length hidden front-zipper
    • Aero-dynamic next-to-the body fit.
    • 1 high capacity rear zippered cargo pocket
    • Finished Edge Powerband leg grippers
    The AERO SS Skin Suit is available in Men? and Women? sizing.
    Body Size ChartView Dimensional Size Chart
    Use the fitting size chart to determine the appropriate fit based on your body dimensionsUse the dimensional size chart to see how sizing between fit styles compares.

Fabrics with a Purpose

Fabrics play a critical role in providing overall function and comfort on clothing that is worn next to the body. For our PRO Series products, we?e meticulously selected fabrics that provide targeted functionality. ESCHLER fabrics used in the upper body and side panels provide a secure aerodynamic fit without compromise to freedom of movement. AENERGIA fabrics used in the bottom panels and Chamois area have a tighter compression like construction that results in a secure fit and improved durability.

Finished Edge Power Bands

MAXBIKES continually seeks to innovate and employ the lastest technologies in the construction of its products. The Finished Edge Power Band provides the precise amount of ?rip?in the correct position, while not over constricting the muscles and creating discomfort. Unlike traditional grippers made from rubber or silicon strips that can create irritation or over constrict the muscles, the Finished Edge Powerband? is knitted to specification using strands of fine spandex thread that provide a comfortable and functional fit. Once you?e worn a MAXBIKES Short with Power Bands, you?l never go back!



Convenience and Utility

It? often those seemingly less obvious details that make the difference. You notice them more when they?e not there than when they are. The AERO Skin suits come with a large capacity zippered cargo pocket that will hold your valuables, energy packs and whatever else you might need when you?e in the saddle for 4 hours.